VivaChek Ino
VivaChek Ino

VivaChek Ino

Brand Name : VivaChek Ino
Strength : 100% WORKABLE
Price: 1500.00 TK Stock: YES
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Note : If medicine quantity 1 = 1 Strip ( plz see the description)

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Product Details

Description :

Home Clinics Pharmacy

*Auto-coding   *HCT 20-70%   *Tiny sample size

900 memories with date and time, and also 7, 14, 30-day averaging

5 test reminders help form a test routine

Ketone warning and Hypo warning reduce risks caused by extreme glucose values

Micro-USB port - fast data transfer to PC

Individual foil package available - more hy-giene and extends test strips shelf life to 24 months

Auto-shutoff in 2 minutes after last action


Advanced features for 8 electrodes strip

•Code calibration (auto-coding)

•Ensures sufficient sample size

•Eliminates the HCT (hematocrit) interference

•Eliminates the temperature interference

•Checks for the possible damage of the test strip

• Checks for the humidity exposure


Test range : 10-600 mg/dl (0.6-33.3 mmol/L)

Result calibration: Plasma-equivalent

Sample type : Fresh capillary whole blood

Enzyme: Glucose Oxidase

Sample size: About 0.5 µL

Testing time : About 5 seconds

Operation temperature: 5•c - 45•c (41°F -113°F)

 Operation humidity: 10% - 90%

 Hematocrit range: 20-70%

Battery: 2 x coin batteries

Battery life: Over 1,000 tests

Memory: 900 results with time and date

Data transfer port: Micro USB


VivaChek Laboratories,Inc

913 N Market Street, Suite 200


Wilmington,DE 19801, USA